597TomSome security checks for incorrect db input3/20/2018
596TomCorrecting typo preventing shadow of ebenroc to be tracked correctly3/19/2018
595TomFixing an pet collection issue when there is some weird unicode string3/19/2018
594TomFixing an format exception3/19/2018
593TomPerformance update for the new threat estimation system3/19/2018
592TomUncommenting untested code3/18/2018
591TomFixing duplicate key exception3/18/2018
590Tomfixing incompatible types3/18/2018
589TomFixing Linker issues3/18/2018
588TomThreat implementation and various misc bugs3/18/2018
587TomFixing index out of bounds exception and unnecessary loading3/13/2018
586TomAdding profession parsing3/12/2018
585TomCharacter designer and talents3/10/2018
584TomAdding RestAPI, finished refactoring of the tooltip, fixed najentus attempts, fixed some mergin issues3/7/2018
583TomFlushing this seems to be the cause of a crash3/1/2018
582TomAnother crashfix2/28/2018
581TomBackend crash fixes2/28/2018
580TomFixing race condition, causing the backend to crash2/28/2018
579TomReestablishing connection if it is closed by the server2/28/2018
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