# Author Note Date
620Shinofixing typo7/28/2018
619ShinoUtf8 name fix, search realm filter fix, uploader update issue fix, several minor issues fixed7/28/2018
618ShinoClean up northdale/lb issue, fixing search, loadup is faster now, tbc crash restart should happen automatically now7/11/2018
617ShinoFixing a backend crash when uploading non supported languages6/18/2018
616ShinoFixed: Overheal issues, crash issues, TBC alar tracking, Player with npc names not recogniced6/11/2018
615ShinoFixing an crash issue and logs are invalid issue6/5/2018
614ShinoReverting function6/4/2018
613ShinoFixing some parsing issues, Updating privacy, Fixing crash issue, Improving startup performance6/4/2018
612ShinoPatreon features fixed, Processing performance improved, Fixed an issue where people with npc names are not recorded, Added some restAPI features, Various other minor things fixed6/3/2018
611Shinoadding exit to the seg fault handler5/2/2018
610ShinoFixing unitdata.lua l171 error and resolving an crash issue while parsing armory data5/1/2018
607TomReverting oh fix4/21/2018
606TomOverhealing fix, addon nuke command fix, patreon features, performance improvements, boss filtering fix, tooltip flags extended, various other things4/20/2018
605Tomvarious fixes4/15/2018
604Tomcrash fixes4/9/2018
603Tom[MAJOR BUG] Fixing an row mismatch error caused by parrallel processing of a library. See announcements for consequences of this bug3/24/2018
602TomFixing majordomo tracking for lightbringer3/23/2018
601TomMaybe an cause for the backend crash3/23/2018
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