Donate for stability and improvement

Please consider donating if you like the projects we develop and want to support and help make them even better. Leave a comment as either anonymous or with your ingame name to be listed on the Donators page


Donations will go towards the following:

Server costs

The server is hosted at OVH. Currently it costs monthly ~10�. This amount might increase though with increasing interest for this website. Donations help us being able to continue hosting the website with as good, reliable and stable service as possible.


The start of the project goes back in august 2013 where Dilatazu started and and april 2016 where Shino started
At the 21th March 2017 Dilatzu and Shino decided to merge their experience and began to rewrite the project as a whole in order to build up this project.
Donations are a big motivator for us to continue improving the service with new features, solving stability issues, adding contributors and other things related to the project.

For more information on what we work on you can take a look at the changelog

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