LegacyPlayers relies on date that is uploaded by you. Every private server is a black box for us.
Which is why we need you to open this black box for us and provide us with a stream of data that let's us know what is going on in there.

How does it work

Contributors are required to install a client and an ingame addon, which will collect and upload the data to our servers.
Once it is uploaded, the data is being processed and made visible in the respective overview.
This might take a few minutes though, when the server is under much stress.


Setting everything up in order to contribute data takes no time.
-7. Note: Always make sure that your Addon Version is up-to-date!
-6. Note: Always make sure that your UID in your config.txt matches with a freshly downloaded one!
-5. Note: Disable SwStatsFixLogStrings addon, the collector addon is not compatable with it!
-4. Note: You can only use ONE client at a time when using the launcher!
-3. Note: Changing the account during an record session is not possible, you need to do a full restart for that.
-2. Note: Only the english client is supported currently!
-1 Note: Multi Clienting is not supported currently! If you want to change the account, close the client and upload the log!
0. Currently the client requires certain runtime libraries. Make sure you have installed this.
1. Download the Launcher and the Ingame-AddOn (Vanilla / TBC).
2. Put the AddOn into your Interface/AddOn/ folder.
3. Log into your account on Legacyplayers.
4. Download this config file, which will pair the Launcher with the server.
5. Put the downloaded config.txt file into your Launcher folder.
6. Start the Launcher and configure it to use your WoW.exe file in the World of Warcraft directory on your computer.
7. Make sure that the config.txt contains a UID.
8. Make sure that the path only contains forward slashes!
9. Launch the game.
Getto alpha design of the client:

Top Data Contributors each realm

You can find here a list of the top data contributors of each realm.

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