About LegacyPlayers

LegacyPlayers is a merge project of RealmPlayers.com and Legacy-Logs.com, which were developed by Dilatazu and Shino.
We decided to work together and unite our strengths.
LegacyPlayers provides an Armory, Raid and PvP stats for every World of Warcraft non funserver like private server.
Our goals lie on stability, performance and utility, and yet to show every information possible in an readable manner.
By this we attempt to unite the Legacy-WoW community.

How does it work

Contributors are required to install a client and an ingame addon, which will collect and upload the data to our servers.
Once it is uploaded, the data is being processed and made visible in the respective overview.
This might take a few minutes though, when the server is under much stress.
Click here for more information.

Extra thanks


Former RealmPlayers-Project:
Sethzer - Alpha/Beta tester and general supporter with great data contributions since day one
Ateni - Help with website design template
Sixt - Thanks for converting those tables of Enchant and Suffix IDs to something useful!
Medelane - Thanks for the great idea of making donations more visible!

Former Legacy-Logs-Project:
Weasel - Thank you for providing the name "Legacy Logs".
Dalloway - Thank you for testing the page, correcting my bad english and telling me useful features.
Terrorpuschl - Thank you for a lot of suggestions, test logs and help to test DPSMate and this site.
Epia - Thank you for a lot of bugreports and logs.
Kryptik - Thank you for a lot of bugreports and logs.
Badorr - Thank you for a lot of bugreports and logs.
Inheritance - Thank you guys for providing me with the logs!
Neo - Thanks you for providing this awesome design!
Nether - Thank you for helping me with pretty much anything. Without you I could't have released TBC so early!
Bandyto - Thank you for answering stupid questions and providing me with logs and suggestions!
Dreamstate - Thank you guys for beta testing DPSMate and providing me with test logs I can use!

All Donators - Thanks a lot for all the donations! We appreciate the support a lot :)
TODO: List of all Contributors in the Discord pre alpha

About everything

Existing projects

LegacyPlayers - Armory and Raid/BG stats. (Started 21.03.2017)
RPLLCollector - Ingame support addon for LegacyPlayers. (Started 6.03.2017)
RPLLLauncher - Client to send data to LegacyPlayers. (Started 01.10.2017)


You can find the project changelog here.

Contact and Bug reports

If you want to submit a bugreport please use this formular.
Otherwise use the contact formular.


If you like this project, we would be very happy for any donations.
Donations help us to keep improving this project and keeps us motivated. It also supports us to pay the server cost.

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